Zak Yacoob

Isn’t it amazing that someone of the stature and calibre of Zak Yacoob, a retired Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, – who is right now in high demand at the highest level and who has been very outspoken about our top leaders in government, can still find the time to be the chair of a quiet, down-to-earth organisation like ours.


Zakeria “Zak” Yacoob is a former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. He was appointed to the Bench in 1998 by Nelson Mandela.

All his life, Zak has been a fighter for social justice and has achieved all that he has despite being blind.

During South Africa’s transition in the early 90s, Zak was summoned by no less a person than Nelson Mandela. He wanted him to sit on the Independent Electoral Commission, which would oversee our first democratic elections here. To Zak he said, ‘Boy, I wanted to see you because I wanted to tell you that I know you are a committed member of the ANC, but when you are on the commission, my instructions to you are that you must not take our side. You must be independent’.
When Zak retired from the Constitutional Court, the Chief Justice of that court, Mogoeng Mogoeng, described Zak At his farewell ceremony, as one of South Africa’s treasured blessings saying he defied all odds, stereotypes and prejudices.
We think that, if someone like Zak Yacoob is willing to be the chair of our board, we must be doing something right.