Christina Pretorius

Cristina’s maiden name was Hadjicleanthous – Not so easy to pronounce, unless you’re Greek. But now, she is a happy Mrs Pretorius. Christina is a General Assistant to our Manager, Wendy and helps with admin. She also does our data capturing and so many other things. We haven’t asked her to wash any bottles yet but she is the first to offer anyone who walks into the office a cup of tea or coffee. .

Be fore she came to work for us, she worked for a pet shop, where she dealt with customers, placed orders and kept stock. She also fed the snakes! Even the poisonous ones!

One of Christina’s natural attributes is being able to come in under the radar. That’s because she stands at just under 1.5 metres tall. That’s 4 foot eleven inches, to some of us.

Christina is very dedicated to her work with us. She is diligent and pleasant to work with. As she always says, I always do my best and try my hardest.” And she does.