If I were Nandi’s daughter, I would also have started struggling at school. You see, in mid-life, Nandi went blind. Without any warning she was unable to see. I am sad to tell you that she will be not be able to see anything for the rest of her life.

At the beginning, Nandi thought, “Why me, why me?” She was so depressed that she just sat and ate and got fatter and fatter. She told me she was so sad that she threw away all of her CDs. Nandi’s daughter was just 7 years old. The teachers called Nandi to the school to explain that her daughter wasn’t doing well. When the teachers saw that Nandi had become blind, they understood. Nandi’s daughter had to take on the responsibility of leading her mother around – to the shops, to church, to the taxi rank. Understandably, her school work was left behind.

It costs us R300 per day, for 3 months, to give someone like Nandi, hope for life once again. We do this by giving her back her independence. We give her Orientation and Mobility Training. We give her a white cane, and we teach her how to use it so that she can get to the shop again by herself, so that she can go to Church by herself, so that she can get to the taxi rank by herself. We did this with Nandi, and as a result her little daughter could get back to school and focus once again on her homework, free from worry for her mother. I felt so moved when I heard her say to her mother, “You know how to walk by your self now Mammie! I don’t have to hold you when you walk, anymore! Not anymore.”

If you feel moved to help us to help more people like Nandi, your gift of R300 will keep one of our trainers in the field for one day where they will help another person like Nandi to regain their independence. Your gift will also help more children like Nandi’s daughter, to focus on their schooling, which we all know is their future.

If you would like to help us to help people like Nandi and her daughter, CLICK HERE.

Wishing you and your family all that is good this Festive Season.

Ian Hutton

PS Nandi went blind, and her daughter’s schoolwork suffered. Your gift of R300 will help us to help people like Nandi. With your gift we will give blind people the independence they have lost and children like Nandi’s daughter will be able to focus on their school work and their futures.