How Can You Help?

It costs us R20 000 ($1 350) to train one blind person. The training takes place over a period of 3 months. Another blind person will be able to say:
“I Feel Human Again”

It costs us R225 000 ($15 500) to run one three-month training programme. 12 blind people in rural South Africa will learn the skills they need to become independent. The basic skills that enables another blind client to say:
“I Feel Human Again.”

Your donation, regardless of size will be used towards the training of another blind person in a township or a rural area in South Africa. Please contact us if you have any questions about our training and how we work. (Only 15% of our budget goes towards administration.)

American Donors

SAMBT has 501(c)(3) charity status in the USA:  donors may claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by U.S. tax law for their contributions. .

U.S.-based donors can support our activities at in a tax-efficient way through a contribution to the Friends of South African Mobility for the Blind Trust at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS).

  • Click on the ‘Donate Now’ button.
  • Contact KBFUS at: email , phone (212) 713 7660 for any questions.

South African Donors


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